Wealthy Affiliate – What is that all about?


An affiliate program is an arrangement between an online merchant website and an affiliate website where the former pays the latter commission for traffic sent to them. Affiliate websites are like a medium for an advertisement for merchant websites, they post links to the merchant websites and get paid according to their agreement. Agreement could be: to be paid a commission for each person that uses the link on the affiliate website to access the merchant website or a commission on those that, patronize the website.

Hiring affiliates is a good way to spread the word about your company. It is a low-cost effective way to maximize a firm’s profit and minimize the cost of advertisement.

It is worth noting that in the affiliate program, there are three parties namely;

  • The customer
  • The affiliate site
  • The merchant site



Wealthy Affiliate is a reputable online company formed in 2005 by Kyle and Carson and has been continuously awarded the no.1 online work company since 2009.

It is a platform created to make people learn the art of working online i.e from the comfort of their various homes and how to make money from doing what they are good at. It can be likened to a training centre as it is famed for providing all necessary information and training needed to be prosperous in the online work industry.

Wealthy Affiliate helps entrepreneurs easily earn money through the following ways:

  • Developing interests: All successful businesses began with some form of brainstorming and arriving at a conclusion on what the business should be about. Wealthy Affiliate provides a training platform where members can be trained on their various preferred interests and even offer advisory services to members who might be confused as to the interest they want to build their business around. Wealthy Affiliates ensure that little or no experience is required from their members before selecting a specific line of interest. They also provide pre-selected topics for members.


  • Building a website: Websites are a key component to having a successful online business. They are the foundation of a business as all activity and revenue generated will be as a result of your website. They provide a go-to avenue where potential customers can easily learn more about your business, ask questions and place orders. Wealthy Affiliate recognizes this fact as it helps its members build easy-to-use websites for their various businesses. It helps its members create a ‘beautiful looking, mobile-ready, and revenue ready’ website using a process that takes less than 30 seconds.


  • Building traffic: This entails the art of attracting customers to your website. This is a very important aspect of online businesses as without people to patronize your business, there would be no one to sell or advertise to. Wealthy Affiliates tutors its members on the most current traffic techniques and how to use them to their advantage in gaining more customers. It teaches them how to get a profusion of customers by improving their rankings in all the search engines including Google and Yahoo.


  • Promotion and selling: Promoting or advertising your business is just as important as the effort you put into making your products. Wealthy Affiliate teaches its members the most effective ways of making interesting and compelling advertisements. This also involves training on how to make advertisements in form of YouTube videos to further increase traffic to your website and earn more money.


  • Earning revenue: After the building of website and drawing of traffic (audience) to it, all that is left is to start is to start earning money. Wealthy Affiliate helps its members in this area by training them on how to maximize their returns. It provides its members with skill sets that would make them highly sought after in the online work industry.

Wealthy Affiliate also provides other services such as advisory services. Wealthy Affiliate is confident in their advanced courses that you are 100% guaranteed to get value and returns for your share in Wealthy Affiliate.


This is a common question, the answer to which is not far-fetched. Wealthy Affiliate is appropriate for virtually everyone, both beginners and professional online workers alike. It is also suitable for people who have ‘basic internet knowledge’ as it offers an assortment of courses which are suitable for all kinds of people.


Joining the ever-growing community of Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely free for those located outside any of the banned countries. For people domicile in any of the banned countries, they can join the Wealthy Affiliate community by paying a premium membership sum of $49 (formerly $47).

The banned countries are; India, Nigeria, Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Egypt.

These countries were banned due to continuous hacking and cheating problems associated with them. People residing in the above-listed countries except Nigeria can only join Wealthy Affiliate as premium members. Nigerians have been absolutely banned from joining the community either as a free or premium member.


Every good thing comes with a problem and Wealthy Affiliate don’t claim to be perfect as they are well aware of their inherent problems and are trying all their possible best to correct them. These setbacks include:

  • Information gotten from the community members can sometimes be misleading as not all community members are experts and only provide information they believe to be right as some courses give them the right to. This, however, only happens occasionally as most members can provide a suitable and relevant answer to any information you seek.
  • There is also the constant complaint about Kyle, one of the founders, replying late. Due to receiving wrong information from unqualified members, people seek to get their answers from the horse’s mouth thus directing all inquiries and complaints towards Kyle. The enormous people requiring answers to their inquiries from one person is what contributes to the delay in response.

Wealthy Affiliate know of these problems and are working on providing more skilled members to respond to inquiries made by customers.

In spite of this, Wealthy Affiliate remains the no.1 site to start and build your online business in order to become successful. So, we implore you to tell a friend to tell a friend to do likewise and endorse individuals to join the Wealthy Affiliate community.


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